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will feel it first, but this storm spreads inland a lot. >> reporter: it does. atlantic city, obviously is going to feel it. one of the first places. once that storm continues on, all of the way to ohio, western pennsylvania, even canada. in atlantic city, they're taking it very seriously, some of the businesses have already been boarding up. only emergency vehicles coming all of the way through. other than that, we're really not going to imagine much more than the storm surge. that's the biggest concern here in atlantic city. in 34 years of legalized gambling this is what has happened, shutdown of casinos three times. irene being the last time. we didn't hit that hard enough, right at the coast, from jersey shore up through new york city, long island, you get the bigger numbers. because of the shape of the land, it's going to help that southwest to -- southeast to the northwest flow. other spots will have a surge. we're talking 60 to 80 miles an hour winds in that red area, boston, pittsburgh is included. washington, d.c., even. the purple area all of the way through maine, 40 to 60-mi
degrees. look at the big board. even the west coast. >> utah, salt lake city, first snow of the season. we'll show you pictures in the next half hour. >> thank you. >>> coming up, meet the real-life home alone girl, the brave 10-year-old who foiled a home invasion with a dramatic 911 call. >>> and can you imagine ross and rachel not ending up together? the creator behind "friends" reveals how one of television's most beloved couples almost didn't make it. >>> and these parents getting payback when their daughter misbehaves. why it's stirring so much debate right now. >>> and one of the biggest weddings of the year. justin and jessica, brand-new photos. a lot of details, coming up. [ male announcer ] we're all on a journey to financial independence. ♪ whether you're just beginning the journey... ♪ ...starting a family... ♪ ...or entering a new chapter of your life. while the journey is yours, pacific life can help you protect and grow the assets you'll need along the way. to learn how, visit pacific life. the power to help you succeed. just begin with america's favori
. d.c. is getting ready for the city's first post season baseball game since 1933. if you're going to the game make your ticket has the word: game 1. is game 3 of the the first home game. our sister station, newschannel depth reportan in- in a couple of minutes. good morning, everyone. there's an accident northbound washington parkway with delays still in place. a pretty solid back up there. it395 through alexandria, take you at least 23 the belt way the district and maryland, volume delays on the baltimore- parkway and south bend 95 from beltsville to four 95. say goodbye to the cloud cover and hello to sunshine again. r the nextve that fo days.l rain in the forecast until monday. we are in the 50's locally and cooler out to the west. degrees at 4:00 the first this today at 57 degrees and will warm up. are back again at 8:56. will warm up. are b[ male announc ] we the people, the middle class, who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,00
francisco would be the center of most super bowl events if the city passes this morning's first round. it has to submit a plan by early may. >> earlier accident gone, 80, 580, 880 all jam approaching bay bridge over an hour getting into san francisco. head-on collision highway one at devil slide, take 92. peninsula north 101 old mill field road accident has things slow from sunnyvale southbound 680 at treat slow from 242 to walnut creek. >>> good morning. fog affecting all bay area counties, sfo delays quarter mile eight half mile livermore better in san jose north bay and bridges give yourself extra time. later today we will warm up with high clouds, 70s and "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> it's not a journey. every journey ends. but we go on. the world turns and we turn with it. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what he's ruminating about, but i like look at him. >> a little beat poetry right there from brad pitt. he made history with tha
," it was commissioned in new york city. the destroyer is named for the first awarded the medal of honor during that war in afghanistan. murphy was killed trying to save fellow s.e.a.l.s during an ambush back in 2005. >>> and nearly two dozen people were injured when a bus overturned in new jersey saturday. the bus traveling from toronto, canada, to new york went off an exit ramp sliding down an embankment before stopping finally on its side. eight of the passengers were critically injured, but none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. police believe the bus driver was driving too fast. >>> and finally here's something any football fan, well, any bratwurst fan would want at their tailgate today. this is -- check this out -- the world's largest or rather longest bratwurst. a wisconsin supermarket set the record on saturday cooking and serving the 52-inch -- sorry, 52'2" sausage, even had a bun custom-made to fit it. the grocery store spent about $20,000 on the brat and organizing the event and shattered, by the way, the old record set by the bird hawk restaurant in chicago, the old record was
live here are new york city firefighters and first responders. people who have done so much to help so many over so much time, where helpless to save their own homes as they burned down on monday night. there's still pockets of smoldering fire in all of this wreckage behind me. just a few moments ago, a fire engine was just pulled up over here, wading again through floodwaters, trying to put out some of those fires. if you look over my shoulder here, george and amy, straight there is the ocean. that's the atlantic ocean. usually there would be rows and rows, blocks and blocks of homes. this morning, a straight shot to the ocean. people vowed to come back here. but looking at the destruction, it's hard to believe that's going to happen anytime soon. >> a landscape has been changed completely. >>> one of the most heart-stopping events of the storm, the emergency evacuation of a major downtown hospital in manhattan, including newborns from a critical care unit. david muir has more on the heroes who got everyone out safe and sound. so many stories from that night. >> reporter: they really
. tens and tens of stories above the city. swinging like a pendulum as new york was first pummeled yesterday by sandy, as the winds first roared in. streets around it immediately cleared. and take a look at what will we have here at the very latest. >> reporter: nearly 80 stories above storm-ravaged manhattan, dangling precariously in hurst-force winds the arm of this crane was blown into a back flip. overnight, still clinging to what is the tallest residential building in the city. >> the boom is moving back and forth sideways and that will stress the boom and weaken it. >> reporter: as sandy gains strengths, gusts clock 40 miles per hour. those speeds can double near towering top floors, blowing hard enough to burst windows and turn this crane into a powerful projectile. >> watch your back, folks. get on the sidewalk. >> reporter: seven surrounding blocks as wind speeds continues to increase. within the posh perimeter, a luxury hotel where the ashton family was among hundreds asked to walk to new accommodations. >> expecting it with two young children. >> and the luggage. >> and
they abducted several victims from bus stops if baltimore county and the city. the first two cases involve teen girls who were abducted from a bus stop in catensville, held at goiptd and sexually assaulted. -- gunpoint and sexually assaulted. >> police say one of the suspects abducted a man and a woman. both men are being held without bond. >>> fog still a factor out there, lauren. >>reporter: charley, the fog has started to dissipate, we do have our fair share of problems. an accident just cleared on the jfx, it was right on the northbound labors of northern parkway. you will want to expect delays traveling southbound from ruxton road to 28th street. we do have a crash right on northern parkway at york road that you'll want to keep in mind. big problems right now on the west side of the beltway. there's a crash in the outer loop at liberty road. here's what the beltway looks like in hartford. still a bit sluggish on the outer loop as you make the drive up towards providence road. that's a rook at the roads and here's lynette with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. yes, visibility is sti
800,000 riders. very unusual circumstances here. just the second time in the city's history that the entire transit system has been closed. the first time? just a year ago waiting for hurricane irene's arrival. millions of people have taken the city officials' advice and stayed home today. >> sandy causing a real mess for flyers, too. the impact felt all the way to the west coast. some planes still in the air sunday night. but look at this morning. the skies much emptier. jim lavila has the details. >> reporter: nearly a total ground stop here. the flights are canceled. almost all across the country, whether it's trains, butss, and also planes, have been canceled this morning. take a look what we have here at reagan national. this airfield, this corridor, completely empty. look at the boards over here, they become cancellation walls at the airports tell people to stay home. >> reporter: this morning, much of the nation as a standstill. the ferocious superstorm crippling much of america's transportation system. amtrak trains and airports from north carolina to boston virtuall
.c., and new york city. most likely in the delmarva peninsula, in the south jersey area. that turns the storm -- for the first time, we get kind of a hybrid storm turning into the coastline. we're talking about sandy getting hit with an arctic blast of air at the same time. extra infusion of energy. and getting spun up even more. supercharged by that jet stream. exactly where is the storm right now? it's off the coast about 300 miles from miami. you can see the feeder bands of rain getting in there. that's exactly where our ginger zee is this morning. ginger, what are you feeling? >> sam, we're in between some of the heaviest bands. the winds will gust this morning. anywhere to 30 miles per hour. today, it will be 40 to 60 miles an hour. the most impressive sights? the water pushing the sand all the way up here. up to the ropes. the grasses and the mangroves start. seaweed shouldn't be this far up on the beach. look at the pictures from yesterday. dangerous rip currents. people should not go in the water. the biggest concern would be tying things down today. likely some power outages. after i
♪ ♪ 'cause we were both young when i first saw you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much, new york city. [ cheers and applause ] >>> thank you, taylor swift. thank you, times square. have a great day. >> thank you so much. >>> i'm kristen sze the families of two murder victims will join vallejo police today in offering $10,000 reward to find their killers. investigators believe someone targeted them on september 6th. witnesses heard gunshots and saw two men run from the home the couple shared. the woman was six months pregnant with twins. >>> san bruno city council -- right now let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >>> live doppler 7 hd, good news, it is not showing much in the way of radar returns until you get up to off the sonoma county coast near mendocino county, stray shower or two what we are going to have through the afternoon just a stray shower nothing like even yesterday. best chance of rain tomorrow morning starting tonight in the north bay through tomorrow morning. today much cooler than average from 7 to 13° below where we should be. much warmer this weekend.
♪ ♪ it's a love story baby, just say yes ♪ ♪ oh, oh oh, oh ♪ ♪ 'cause we were both young when i first saw you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much, new york city. [ cheers and applause ] [ obama ] a m barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] seen this from mitt romney? then taka look at this. [ anderson cooper ] if roe v. wade was overturned, congress passed a federal ban on all abortions, and it came to your desk -- would you sign it? "yes" or "no"? let me say it -- i'd be delighted to sign that bill. [ female announcer ] banning all abortions? i'd be delighted to sign that bill. [ female announcer ] trying to mislead us? that's wrong. but ban all abortions? only...if you vote for him. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% more than cards earnieng 1% cash back on almost everything. >>> thank you, taylor swift. thank you, times square. have a great day. >> thank you so much. >> good morning @ 8:56. d.c. council will hold a today to allow the street
, as ginger zee is about to show you, and she's in atlantic city, it's doesn't matter much other than the coastal weather effects where this storm is going. i'm going to go to matt gutman first, this storm breezed by where matt is. and already, there's a lot of wind and rain. look at that, matt is standing in what looks like seafoam. good morning, matt. >> reporter: breeze by is kind of the right term. and that's what's so shocking about this storm, it's about 200 miles off the coast and still we're getting all of this weather. this looks like snow, but it's seafoam. and that's how violent this storm is. 200 miles off, it's kicking up all of this wind and wave action and tossing all of this stuff inland. that's a big concern here. this is just a sliver of what folks farther up north and mid-atlantic are going to see. lot of folks here are accustomed to storms like this, like hurricanes, haven't seen this -- this, the biting cold that's accompanying it. i'm wearing multiple layers of clothing right now. it's so wet. as you said, sam, the combination of wind, rain, all of this storm sur
with this. from 75 in chicago to 48 on saturday. look at dallas. 58 from 87 today. new york city, on sunday, 58 from 80 on friday. this is a big, big, big deal, with this first push of cold air. look at the nighttime temperatures. tonight, bismarck at about 22 degrees. that's the weather. get ready for that chill. >> there is so much ahead on "good morning america." and no one can tell you better than our lara spencer. >> sam, thank you. >>> here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." nicole kidman is speaking out. what she says really happened after her split with tom cruise. >>> our all-star reunion coming up. it is a blowout with the cast of "vacation." >>> and one doctor's advice on breaking the hunger fix. all that and more coming up live on "gma," right here in times square. ♪ (female announcer) the lunchroom. it's the closest thing to a free-for-all, a who's who of social pitfalls: who's going to sit by me? who should i sit by? turns out, lunch is pretty important. hormel natural choice sandwich meats. one-hundred percent natural. no preservatives. thanks for sendi
, it's the first real push of cold air deep into the country. it's not a shallow push. 44 in rapid city. get to dallas, 40 degrees in dallas as well. houston, 55. nashville, 46, new york city, 44, boston, 46, remember, most of the country was settling into those very warm numbers for a long period of time. third warmest summer on record in the u.s. and now we get our first early push of cold air. but the warmer weather battles back. in the deep south, you don't hold on to it long. dallas, 80 by wednesday. new orleans, 83. memphis, you're going into the 70s on tuesday. >> and don't forget, a little soggy on the east coast this morning. all that weather was brought to you by nutella. amy? >> all right. >>> wedding guests gone wild. the stunning reception brawl caught on tape. reception brawl caught on tape. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from
today. new york city, on sunday, 58 from 80 on friday. this is a big, big, big deal, with this first push of cold air. look at the nighttime temperatures. tonight, bismarck at about 22 degrees. that's the weather. get ready for that chill. >> good morning. i am jacqui jeras. showers moving over. the eastern shore. what over in st. mary's and calvert counties. we will be done with the ring shortly. actors mild. 73 at reagan national. we will warm up. to 82. see it of sunshine by afternoon. your seven-day forecast. tomorrow a winner >> there is so much ahead on "good morning america." and no one can tell you letter than our lara spencer. >> sam, thank you. >>> here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." nicole kidman is speaking out. what she says really happened after her split with tom cruise. >>> our all-star reunion coming up. it is a blowout with the cast of "vacation." >>> and one doctor's advice on breaking the hunger fix. all that and more coming up live on "gma," right here in times square. ♪ (female announcer) the lunchroom. it's the closest thing to a free
's in atlantic city right now, it doesn't really matter much other than the coastal water effects where this storm is going, and our matt gutman, i will go to matt first, is on the coast in north carolina where the strong effects -- this storm breezed by where matt is and already there's a lot of wind and rain and matt is standing in what looks like sea foam. good morning, matt. >> reporter: breezed by is kind of the right term. that's what's so shocking about the storm. it's about 200 miles off the coast, and still we're getting all of this weather. now, this looks like snow. this is sea foam, and that's how violent the storm is, 200 miles off -- it's kicking up all of this wind and wave action and tossing all of this stuff inland. that's a big concern here. 32-foot waves, and this is just a sliver of what folks farther up north in the mid-atlantic where ginger is are going to see. now, another thing, a lot of folks here are accustomed to storms like this like hurricanes haven't seen, and that's this biting cold that is accompanying it. i'm wearing multiple leather -- layers of clothin
and atlantic city, only 56. that's a look at the big picture. >> this weather report brought to you by pedigree. dan and bianna. >> ginger, thank you. >>> he unwittingly became the focus of the first showdown between president obama and mitt romney, and last night on "saturday night live," big bird finally had his say. >> why are you yawning? are you bored already. >> no, no, it's just like it's seven hours past my bedtime. >> okay. do you have any political statement you'd like to make? >> no, i don't want to ruffle any feathers. >> he was so diplomatic. >> yes, he was. >> he really could have -- yes, he's got a future in this business. >>> coming up here on "good morning america," an extraordinary story. learns from "dancing with the stars: all-stars." an intentional "dancing with the stars: all-stars." survival lessons from crashing a perfectly good 727 into the desert. >>> and every parent faces this problem sometime, getting a baby to eat. see how this dad solves problems, gangnam style. ♪ ♪ gangnam style than going betg and by donating our food to shelters in need, pedigree is
today, we expect to hear from jessica's family for the first time. george? amy? >> clayton, thanks very much. >>> we're going to turn, now, to the shocking moment at sunday's nfl game in kansas city. some hometown fans actually cheered when the chief's quarterback was knocked flat with an injury. and one of his teammates is fighting back, comparing the hecklers to the crowds at the colosseum in rome. and this sparked a lot of soul-searching in kansas city. >> indeed it has. a lot of people wondering just what happened there. kansas city fans critical of matt cassel's performance over the weekend. but when he took that hit, the fans' reaction may have crossed the line. his teammates are firing back. >> cassel got drilled on the play. >> he's in real trouble here. as he was rocked. >> reporter: embattled kansas city quarterback, matt cassel, was pummeled during sunday's chiefs/ravens game and lay motionless on the ground, before leaving the game with a concussion. and while faint on tv, it sounded as if the home team's disgruntled fans were cheering the injury. >> i've never been more emb
. this after a number of that they are using money.gram to make the city continues to sit is to increase safety. as a little too all morning on good morning washington" -- celebratingd fans their one of their first division title since moving to d.c. in a 2005. celebrating.e despite losing the game to the phillies last night, they nl east.the news channel 8 will have war and h report in just a minutes. let us get a quick check on the commute. fromout what is happening angela foster. morning. looking at quite a few the beltway in maryland. an accident on the inner loop between connecticut avenue and georgia. causing two lanes, major delays. at nutley.6 very slow. traveling and about 395, no lanes open.ur all just slow traffic. ?ow is our forecast for today side.the wet camera here. you can see the raindrops here on the lens. moving inside the beltway and well.he district as showers to the east of manassas. skies today, occasional showers. 72 7to the 6. be warmer than that. tomorrow, in the >>> hey, everybody. i'm so excited about hosting "good morning america." i hope george and i do a cooking s
at tonight into tomorrow morning. oklahoma city is 30. dallas gets down to 37. that's how deep this shot, this deep freeze, if you will, of cold air, the first one of the season, gets down in the deep south. in the southwest, we have the strong winds going. already concern about the santa anas and how dry it is in the southwest. we're so early in this wind season. san diego, phoenix, palm springs, vegas. san francisco is on the edge where the powerful wind will be kicking up today. a quick reminder that sandy is out there all weekend long. it will be throwing wind and rain along the coastline. we have to watch for where it goes >> it's right there. all of america's weather was brought to you by target. >> thanks so much. >>> now, to the big custody fight over obee. the dieting dachshund has made him a national sensation. an animal rescue group is going to court to try to take obee away from the woman who took him in. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: there's fat pets. then, there's obee. the 5-year-old dachshund tips the scales at a what happening 77 pounds. nora says she agreed
. >> yeah. >> i think it's -- >> i think he was flirting. >> and i think he was flirting. that first text. >> it's friday night. >> are they ever into them in these? >> yeah. >> that's why he's paid the big bucks. >> he's not studying math on friday night. >> thank you, guys. >>> across the city, elizabeth and tom hanks, talking. >> tom is busy. >> i was sending a message to the control room. sorry about that. >> that's right, george. thank you. tom hanks is starring in "cloud atlas," a movie already getting so much oscar buzz. >> is it really? >> it is. >> great. from your lips. >> to god's ears. it tells six stories over the course of five centuries. and hanks plays six very different characters. and we're so delighted to have you here. i saw this movie yesterday afternoon. it is nearly three hours long. and i didn't want it to end. >> seems like 33 minutes, doesn't it? >> it seems like 33 -- 2:50-something. >> it went like that. >> it's really astonishing. >> i think it's an epic motion picture. forgive me. we've done this before. i've talked about films. and i like them all. i'm delig
. new york city goes from 80 today to 56 on sunday. and it's cold and rainy at that point. dallas gets into the 50s. it will be a real difference. this is the first one since we were -- that coldet in on drop in the about 25 degrees between now and sunday. today our temperatures will be comfortable and sunny. comfortable, 77- 82 degrees. a few showers possible on saturday but most of the day e dry and only 57 degrees with day >> even that shot doesn't get the whole crowd in. we got it all filled in to the rafters here in times square. now, back inside to our lara spencer. >> great crowd out there. >>> in here, here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." when does sharing with your kids go over the line? the woman taking on parents who she says shares just a wee too much. >>> the stars of "clueless" are together again, for our all-star reunion blowout. >>> and it's a royal takeover. is the most paragraphed woman on the planet right here in times square? we'll answer that question. >>> and do a little dancing with d.j. m.o.s. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of pe
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